The “experiment” ran from late 1960s to early 2000s and was spearheaded by the country’s top psychologist Helmut Kentler. He was supported by high ranking members of academia and the political class.
Whether people believe in his existence or not, they will have a relationship with him regardless. In studies, atheists and agnostics reported more ang…
Best of the best performs suffered with stage fright throughout their careers so it never leaves you but you can train your mind to work with it.
Pakistan's dark underbelly: In towns and cities across the country, thousands of vulnerable boys have become the victims of paedophiles.
Oaks live for hundreds of years and support more forms of life than any tree in North America.
The state ranks first in the country for child abuse cases while budget cuts and a high turnover rate have made social work a nightmare.
Infrastructure is essential to American dominance and China plans to build the next generation of it.
The case of how the QAnon community smeared the beloved actor Tom Hanks reveals their diabolical methods.
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