QAnon’s Grand Web of Lies Against Tom Hanks

The case of how the QAnon community smeared the beloved actor Tom Hanks reveals their diabolical methods.

This story contains content and language that some readers may find disturbing.

The QAnon community claims that Tom Hanks visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island,’ and their proof is lists like these which they say are names of people that were on Epstein’s flight logs. 

That list is intended to make people believe that names on the passenger manifest were secretly leaked to the public but that is not true. Prosecutors in Manhattan subpoenaed Epstein’s pilots David Rodgers and Larry Visoski which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in July 2019. That’s how the news media was alerted and they obtained the flight logs from the government agency and published them online. 

This is the actual flight log and it does not mention Tom Hanks or his initials anywhere in more than 100 pages. You can visit this link to view the entire document.

QAnon means Q Anonymous and its followers believe that a cabal of satan worshipping pedophiles is plotting against patriots including Donald Trump but a high level government official, Q, is helping Trump fight the cabal by releasing confidential information online. The rallying cry of QAnon is “where we go one, we go all” or "WWG1WGA” and based on God knows what they went so low to claim that Hanks escaped to Greece and became a Greek citizen because pedophilia there is not a crime but a disability. Social media posts from QAnon linked accounts generated thousands of shares and likes before they were deleted by content moderators for spreading disinformation. 

Greece did add pedophilia to the list of disabilities in 2012 but scratched it a few months later after huge uproar. According to Artcile 339 of Greece’s penal code, pedophilia is infact a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson visit the country quite often because they have a house there, Wilson is of Greek heritage and Hanks converted to Greek Orthodox after he met Wilson. They were actually given honorary Greek citizenship for bringing attention to a 2018 wildfire near Athens.

“I've been to the most beautiful places in the world. None of them tops Greece. The land, the sky, the water, it's good for the soul. It's a healing place, particularly if you get into that fabulous, fabulous Greek schedule of sleeping until noon, staying up 'til three o'clock in the morning, and arguing in a taverna till three a.m. It's just the best life one can have,” responded Hanks to a reporter’s question at the 2020 Golden Globes. 

Taking pictures of lost objects.

Hanks has a hobby of taking pictures of lost gloves. He posts them on Instagram and creates a story around them. Two years ago he sat down with Conan O’Brien on TBS and talked more about it. 

Conan O'Brien: “I noticed you have this obsession on Instagram with lost gloves and anyone who knows you and follows you understands that there's something going on with you and lost gloves.”

Tom Hanks: “Well it's lost objects but it started with lost gloves and first of all there's a story behind them all. What happened to its mate? How did this glove get lost? Is someone going to keep the other glove at home on the off chance that they're gonna pair it up? It's a little bit of Romeo and Juliet kind of quality to it.”

A YouTube user Mouthy Buddha made a documentary in July 2020 in which he connects the graffiti in a picture by Hanks to obscene images of children on the Russian search engine Yandex, some of them containing indecent keywords. Mouthy Buddha claims that he got a tip from someone who goes by the alias Veritas Fateor and alleged that the graffiti “SRC USA” is a pedophile code. 

“The Yandex child pornography problem exemplifies the failure of big tech to effectively resolve an issue which could easily be fixed by blocking or cleaning up those queries. It’s entirely possible that Tom Hanks had no connection to that term but it would have been misleading even dishonest if I didn’t include that this image is how the apparent code was discovered,” the narrator reads. 

The maker of this documentary film that got close to two million views before it was taken down by YouTube is presenting himself as an impartial citizen journalist by repeatedly acknowledging that Hanks could be innocent. He, however, failed to check if that graffiti had a different meaning. 

The picture by Hanks was taken in Red Bluff, California, the first state in the country to introduce a system so that people can excavate after utility companies have surveyed the location to ensure that a gas pipeline or an electricity cable is not damaged in the process. If you are in the U.S. and want to install, for instance, a new mailbox on your property, the law requires that you call 811. The 811 staff will then reach out to utility operators so that they can examine the area. There was a time when people excavated without any coordination between different agencies which led to a utility line getting damaged every 6 minutes. 

The organization behind 811 is DigAlert whose official name is Underground Service Alert or “USA.” According to established procedure, “USA” in white paint is written to mark the proposed site of the dig and “SRC” is probably the name of the contractor that will conduct the excavation. Utilities companies will now survey the area to mark lines running underneath using these color codes.

Apparently, someone wanted to excavate where Hanks took the picture and their contractor premarked the dig by writing “SRC USA.” And the glove in the picture probably belongs to the construction worker who wrote that acronym. 

In this picture posted by the City of Avalon Public Works Department in California, the contractor Colich and Sons premarked the excavation area after they were awarded “$5 million plus set of projects to renovate and repair the sewer collection system and the Waste Water Treatment Plant.” The yellow markings represent a gas or chemical line underneath and the blue markings represent water lines. 

So why is “SRC USA” pulling up images of children that are associated with obscene keywords. 

I tried it and that combination did not bring up indecent images of children. Could it be that the secret cabal of pedophiles took it all down to hide their tracks? It is also possible that Mouthy Buddha fabricated it to his advantage. Whatever the case maybe, a search of “SRC USA” returned with appropriates images including pictures of children which had no dirty keywords linked to them.

A lot of the baseless conspiracy theories against Hanks began after Sarah Ruth Ashcraft claimed in a tweet that her father sold her to Hanks when she was 13. Ashcraft recently claimed that her house in Arkansas used to be a CIA training facility and that she saw Hillary Clinton at events where children were ritually abused and even sacrificed. It is possible that Ashcraft did witness things of that nature but to date she has not released any information to back up her claims against Hanks. 

I found a lot of very disturbing things scanning through her social media feeds. In a video posted to her YouTube channel, officers from the Sheriff’s office are seen warning her that if she abuses 911 again she would be arrested for making fraudulent police reports. In March this year, six months after her interactions with police officers, Ashcraft tweeted that “Jennifer was murdered across the street. I was unable to dial 911.”

Days after Ashcraft’s tweet involving Tom Hanks, Issac Kappy, a little known Hollywood actor who played side roles in movies like Thor and Terminator Salvation and the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, claimed on his live stream that Tom Hanks is a pedophile without giving any specifics. 

“Tom Hanks, folks, is a pedophile. I am sorry if this is, kind of, bursting your bubble, all this information is new. Tom f****** Hanks guys … pedophile. Called out, no response. There is this girl, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, on Twitter who has been accursing Tom Hanks of raping her when she was 13. Her dad sold her to Tom Hanks. She has been accusing him for months, and months, and months, he has never addressed it.”

The internet was lit. 

Kappy passed away a few months later but his death was not without controversy. The official narrative is that he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge on Historic Route 66 in Arizona but the QAnon community is not buying it. They claim that he was killed by the cabal or even worse: his death was orchestrated by none other than Hanks himself. 

Hanks had posted a picture of a glove a month before Kappy died in May 2019. According to the image description, it was taken on the same route and to QAnon followers Hanks had dropped a hint. Route 66 runs stretches through several states and Hanks’s post was not geotagged so we do not know his exact location. He could have been in Illinois. 

The evidence presented to support the claims by QAnon adherents will not stand a second in a court of law. Kappy, may he rest in peace, actually blamed several people for pedophilia without providing an inch of evidence: Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Karey, Harvey Wienstein, Seth Green and James Gunn. 

In a live stream, Kappy claimed that Jim Carey talked to him for over five hours on the phone and begged him to help forge a deal with Q.

“If you ate kids, you are going to f****** die,” was Kappy’s response. Can I ask that why in the world would Jim Carey call Kappy and that, too, for five hours straight?

Kappy had his own problems. According to a TMZ report, Los Angeles police investigated claims that he had assaulted Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, and he sent unhinged letters to actor Seth Green in which he wrote that “I have implemented a series of triggering events, should I meet an untimely demise. M.A.D.” In a tweet, he threatened to “rain” bullets in Hollywood. 

It is unclear if Q alleged in his data leaks that Hanks was a pedophile or if it was created by someone from within the QAnon community. The problem with secret organizations is that anyone can claim that they are Q and publish whatever they want. 

Infowars, the alternate news media organization that revels in conspiracy theories all the time, promoted Kappy as a “pretty big movie star” but even Infowars demonstrates distrust for shadow players like Q. 

“People are always looking somewhere else for the answer because it's easy. And then to sit here and believe everything that Q says or that Q is going to be the savior that’s the easy thing to do,” observed host Owen Shroyer. 

Why Tom Hanks? 

I believe that the people who came up with this conspiracy theory knew what they were doing. Laying outrageous allegations on one of the most straightforward and honest people goes against conventional wisdom and that makes it very ironic and irony is extremely entertaining. The mainstream media elite has used it to their advantage time and again. Justin Bieber said in an interview that he “wants to live like Jesus.” Kim Kardashian, who makes $1 million for each Instagram post, gave a talk about objectification of women. Bristol Palin, the American reality TV star, got pregnant out of wedlock in 2015. She made hundreds of thousands of dollars giving speeches on abstinence

The Q phenomena has exploded in America with politicians who believe in Q winning national elections. One survey from September indicated that 56% of Republicans say that QAnon is mostly or partly true. 

All this has caused tremendous distress to Hanks and his family. His son Chet Hanks took to Instagram last year to share his frustration. 

“You mother f****** are going to believe what you want cause you are already so f****** committed to your weird internet conspiracies but I am not actually in the f****** illuminati. I got this f****** tattoo because I am extremely spiritual, I believe in God, I believe God oversees everything, has a plan for everything but you mother f****** are on some other shit.”

A post shared by @chethanx

“I was trolling in that last video, obviously, cause I am pissed off at what you mother f****** are f****** saying about my family. The ridiculous sick f****** sh** that you guys like to sit around and f****** think about is f****** disgusting. Look, I get it, I question everything and I don’t f****** trust sh** but that doesn't mean that every f****** conspiracy out there is the f****** truth. I know you are going to f****** say that ‘oh, this is illuminati tactic and I am trying to cause disinformation’ but you mother f****** are on some bullshit.”

Edited by Andrew Kozinn.