What is All Growth?

All Growth is a blog to help ourselves and others grow. It offers advice on increasing our happiness such as our financial, mental and moral well being and explores stories that encourage outcomes for our own good for the good of future generations. 

A commonly accepted definition of growth is the “process of increasing in physical size.” All Growth, however, sees it as an act of gradual increase from raw to refine. Growth is the node that turns, for instance, a painter’s talent into art and helps us cultivate various skills. It reveals itself at different levels from fear to freedom, from rags to riches, from abuse to survivor and serves as the intersection of all concepts that promote happiness and peace.  

It is written by former NBC News journalist and Huffington Post writer Azhar Fateh and delves into topics like finance, reasoning, science, child abuse and neglect, morality, psychology, wellness, faith, economics and politics.

Do you need a paid subscription?

No, all essential AG content is free and always will be.

want you to subscribe, however. Paid subscriptions allow me to take time off from my day job to write for AG, and it helps with my attempt to highlight stories of child abuse that are never covered by the mainstream media or conveniently forgotten. Children are our future and in many parts of the world including North America but especially in the Muslim world, because of lack of awareness, children do not even get their basic rights and needs met.

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How to help ourselves and others, especially children, grow.


Azhar is a New York based multimedia journalist. He was with NBC News in London and in New York and these days he divides his time between work and friends.